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Recent Publications

Flexible, scalable, and efficient thermoelectric touch detector based on PDMS and Graphite flakes

Figueira, J., Loureiro, J., Vieira, E., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., & Pereira, L.Flexible and Printed Electronics
01 June 2022
Combining Soft with Hard Condensed Matter for Circular Polarized Light Sensing and Logic Operations

Grey, P., Chapa, M., Alexandre, M., Mateus, T., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., Mendes, M. J., & Pereira, L.Advanced Optical Materials
01 December 2021
Porous ZnO Nanostructures Synthesized by Microwave Hydrothermal Method for Energy Harvesting Applications

Henriques Ferreira, S., Rovisco, A., Dos Santos, A., Águas, H., Igreja, R., Barquinha, P., Fortunato, E., & Martins, R.Nanopores
05 December 2021
Soft-Microstructured Transparent Electrodes for Photonic-Enhanced Flexible Solar Cells
Boane, J. L. N., Centeno, P., Mouquinho, A., Alexandre, M., Calmeiro, T., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., Mendes, M. J., & Águas, H.Micro
10 November 2021
Light management with quantum nanostructured dots-in-host semiconductors

Alexandre, M., Águas, H., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., & Mendes, M. J.Light: Science & Applications
17 November 2021
Enhanced solar photocatalysis of TiO2 nanoparticles and nanostructured thin films grown on paper

Freire, T., Fragoso, A. R., Matias, M., Pinto, J. V., Marques, A. C., Pimentel, A., Barquinha, P., Huertas, R., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., & Nunes, D.Nano Express
22 October 2021
Laser-Induced Graphene on Paper toward Efficient Fabrication of Flexible, Planar Electrodes for Electrochemical Sensing
Pinheiro, T., Silvestre, S., Coelho, J., Marques, A. C., Martins, R., Sales, M. G. F., & Fortunato, E.Advanced Materials Interfaces
24 October 2021
Shape Effect of Zinc-Tin Oxide Nanostructures on Photodegradation of Methylene Blue and Rhodamine B under UV and Visible Light

Rovisco, A., Branquinho, R., Deuermeier, J., Freire, T., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., & Barquinha, P.Applied Nano Materials
02 October 2021
Handwritten and Sustainable Electronic Logic Circuits with Fully Printed Paper Transistors

Cunha, I., Martins, J., Bahubalindruni, P. G., Carvalho, J. T., Rodrigues, J., Rubin, S., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., & Pereira, L.Advanced Materials Technology
27 September 2021
Bottom-up microwave-assisted seed-mediated synthesis of gold nanoparticles onto nanocellulose to boost stability and high performance for SERS applications
Marques, A. C., Pinheiro, T., Morais, M., Martins, C., Andrade, A. F., Martins, R., Sales, M. G. F., & Fortunato, E.Applied Surface Science
05 September 2021
High-performance wide bandgap perovskite solar cells fabricated in ambient high-humidity conditions

Menda, U. D., Ribeiro, G., Nunes, D., Calmeiro, T., Águas, H., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., & Mendes, M. J.Materials Advances
27 August 2021
Ultrafast Microwave Synthesis of WO3 Nanostructured Films for Solar Photocatalysis

Nunes, D., Fragoso, A. R., Freire, T., Matias, M., Marques, A. C., Martins, R. F. De P., Fortunato, E., & Pimentel, A.Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters07 August 2021
UV-Responsive Screen-Printed Porous ZnO Nanostructures on Office Paper for Sustainable and Foldable Electronics

Ferreira, S. H., Cunha, I., Pinto, J. V., Neto, J. P., Pereira, L., Fortunato, E., & Martins, R.Chemosensors
24 July 2021
Colloidal lithography for photovoltaics: An attractive route for light managementOliveira, R. D., Mouquinho, A., Centeno, P., Alexandre, M., Haque, S., Martins, R., Fortunato, E., Águas, H., & Mendes, M. J.Nanomaterials
24 June 2021
New challenges of printed high-к oxide dielectrics

Carlos, E., Branquinho, R., Martins, R., & Fortunato, E.Solid-State Electronics
27 May 2021
Transparent and Flexible Electrocorticography Electrode Arrays Based on Silver Nanowire Networks for Neural Recordings

Neto, J. P., Costa, A., Vaz Pinto, J., Marques-Smith, A., Costa, J. C., Martins, R., Fortunato, E., Kampff, A. R., & Barquinha, P.Applied Nano Materials
24 May 2021
Metal Oxide-Based Photocatalytic Paper: A Green Alternative for Environmental Remediation

Nunes, D., Pimentel, A., Branquinho, R., Fortunato, E., & Martins, R.Catalysts
16 April 2021
Towards Sustainable Crossbar Artificial Synapses with Zinc-Tin Oxide
Silva, C., Martins, J., Deuermeier, J., Pereira, M. E., Rovisco, A., Barquinha, P., Goes, J., Martins, R., Fortunato, E., & Kiazadeh, A.Electronic Materials
16 April 2021
Porous PDMS conformable coating for high power output carbon fibers/ZnO nanorod-based triboelectric energy harvesters

Barras, R., Dos Santos, A., Calmeiro, T., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., Águas, H., Barquinha, P., Igreja, R., & Pereira, L.Nano Energy
10 April 2021
High UV and Sunlight Photocatalytic Performance of Porous ZnO Nanostructures Synthesized by a Facile and Fast Microwave Hydrothermal Method.
Ferreira, S. H., Morais, M., Nunes, D., Oliveira, M. J., Rovisco, A., Pimentel, A., Águas, H., Fortunato, E., & Martins, R.Materials
05 April 2021
Design and synthesis of low temperature printed metal oxide memristors

Carlos, E., Deuermeier, J., Branquinho, R., Gaspar, C., Martins, R., Kiazadeh, A., & Fortunato, E.Journal Of Materials Chemistry C02 February 2021
Healable Cellulose Iontronic Hydrogel Stickers for Sustainable Electronics on Paper

Cunha, I., Martins, J., Gaspar, D., Bahubalindruni, P. G., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., & Pereira, L.Advanced Electronic Materials
25 January 2021
Light trapping in solar cells: simple design rules to maximize absorptionLi, K., Haque, S., Martins, A., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., Mendes, M. J., & Schuster, C. S.Optica, OSA Publishing25 November 2020
Production and characterization of functionally graded NiTi shape memory alloys by Joule effectInácio, P. L., Camacho, E. F., Schell, N., Braz Fernandes, F. M., Oliveira, J. P., & Santos, T. G.Journal of Materials Processing Technology20 November 2020
Photonic composite materials from cellulose nanorods and clay nanolayers.Trindade, A. C., Carreto, M., Helgesen, G., Knudsen, K. D., Puchtler, F., Breu, J., Fernandes, S., Godinho, M. H., & Fossum, J. O.The European Physical Journal Special Topics, Springer16 November 2020
Toward a Microencapsulated 3D hiPSC-Derived in vitro Cardiac Microtissue for Recapitulation of Human Heart Microenvironment Features.Abecasis, B., Canhão, P. G. M., Almeida, H. V., Calmeiro, T., Fortunato, E., Gomes-Alves, P., Serra, M., & Alves, P. M.Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology05 November 2020
Water safety screening via multiplex LAMP-Au-nanoprobe integrated approach.Oliveira, B. B., Veigas, B., Carlos, F. F., Sánchez-Melsió, A., Balcázar, J. L., Borrego, C. M., & Baptista, P. V.Science of The Total Environment01 November 2020
CO2 removal from anaesthesia circuits using gas-ionic liquid membrane contactorsMartins, C. F., Neves, L. A., Chagas, R., Ferreira, L. M., Afonso, C. A. M., Crespo, J. G., & Coelhoso, I. M.Separation and Purification Technology01 November 2020
Revisiting Ionic Liquid Structure-Property Relationship: A Critical AnalysisSilva, W., Zanatta, M., Ferreira, A. S., Corvo, M. C., & Cabrita, E. J.International Journal of Molecular Sciences19 October 2020
Paper-Based In-Situ Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis for Colorimetric, Non-Enzymatic Glucose Level DeterminationPinheiro, T., Ferrão, J., Marques, A. C., Oliveira, M. J., Batra, N. M., Costa, P. M. F. J., Macedo, M. P., Águas, H., Martins, R., & Fortunato, E.Nanomaterials19 October 2020
Enhanced electrical and photocatalytic properties of porous TiO2 thin films decorated with Fe2O3 nanoparticles.Landolsi, Z., Ben Assaker, I., Nunes, D., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., Chtourou, R., & Ammar, S.Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics16 October 2020
Demonstration of the cryoprotective properties of the fucose-containing polysaccharide FucoPol.Guerreiro, B. M., Freitas, F., Lima, J. C., Silva, J. C., Dionísio, M., & Reis, M. A. M.Carbohydrate Polymers01 October 2020
Reverse Semi‐Combustion Driven by Titanium Dioxide‐Ionic Liquid Hybrid PhotocatalystQadir, M. I., Zanatta, M., Pinto, J., Vicente, I., Gual, A., Smith, E. F., Neto, B. A. D., De Souza, P. E. N., Khan, S., Dupont, J., & Alves Fernandes, J.ChemSusChem, Chemistry Europe17 August 2020
Mechanical Tests, Metallurgical Characterization, and Shaping Ability of Nickel-Titanium Rotary Instruments: A Multimethod Research.Silva, E. J. N. L., Martins, J. N. R., Lima, C. O., Vieira, V. T. L., Braz Fernandes, F. M., De-Deus, G., & Versiani, M. A.Journal of Endodontics25 July 2020
A Review Of Textile Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells For Wearable ElectronicsBandara, T. M. W. J., Hansadi, J. M. C., & Bella, F.Ionics02 May 2022
Printed Zinc Tin Oxide Diodes: From Combustion Synthesis To Large-Scale Manufacturing.Carlos, E., Branquinho, R., Jansson, E., Leppäniemi, J., Menezes, J., Pereira, R., … Ferrão, R.Flexible and Printed Electronics31 January 2022
A Comparison Between Solution-Based Synthesis Methods Of Zro2 Nanomaterials For Energy Storage ApplicationsClaudia, M., Carlos, E., Branquinho, R., Leite, R., Marcelino, J., Perla, M., … Martins, R.Energies03 September 2022
Floating TiO2-Cork Nano-Photocatalysts for Water Purification Using SunlightMatias, M.L.; Morais, M.; Pimentel, A.; Vasconcelos, F.X.; Reis Machado, A.S.; Rodrigues, J.; Fortunato, E.; Martins, R.; Nunes, D.Sustainability05 August 2022
Enhanced Fe-TiO2 Solar Photocatalysts on Porous Platforms for Water PurificationMatias, M.L.; Pimentel, A.; Reis-Machado, A.S.; Rodrigues, J.; Deuermeier, J.; Fortunato, E.; Martins, R.; Nunes, D.Nanomaterials18 March 2022
The Effect of Iron on TiO2 Nanostructures Deposited on Porous Platforms for Water PurificationMatias, M.L.; Pimentel, A.; Reis Machado, A.S.; Rodrigues, J.; Deuermeier, J.; Fortunato, E.; Martins, R.; Nunes, D.Materials Proceedings04 August 2022
All-Standard-Cell-Based Analog-to-Digital Architectures Well-Suited for Internet of Things ApplicationsCorreia, A.; Tavares, V.G.; Barquinha, P.; Goes, J.Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications03 December 2022
Biocompatible Parylene-C Laser-Induced Graphene Electrodes for Microsupercapacitor ApplicationsCorreia, R., Deuermeier, J., Correia, M. R., Vaz Pinto, J., Coelho, J., Fortunato, E., & Martins, R.Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces09 October 2022
Foldable and Recyclable Iontronic Cellulose Nanopaper for Low-Power Paper ElectronicsCunha, I., Ferreira, S. H., Martins, J., Fortunato, E., Gaspar, D., Martins, R., & Pereira, L.Advanced Sustainable Systems06 July 2022
Copper-Arsenic-Sulfide Thin-Films from Local Raw Materials Deposited via RF Co-Sputtering for PhotovoltaicsEnrique, P., Alexandre, M., Neves, F., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., Águas, H., & Mendes, M. J.Nanomaterials20 September 2022
Tailoring The Synaptic Properties Of A-Igzo Memristors For Artificial Deep Neural NetworksFernando, M., Deuermeier, J., Freitas, P., Barquinha, P., Zhang, W., Martins, R., … Asal KiazadehAPL Materials25 January 2022
Smart IoT enabled interactive self-powered security tag designed with functionalized paperFerreira, G., Opinião, A., Das, S., Goswami, S., Pereira, L., Nandy, S., Martins, R. & Fortunato, ENano Energy20 May 2022
Bandlike Transport In Fapbbr3 Quantum Dot Phototransistor With High Hole Mobility And Ultrahigh PhotodetectivityFerreira, R., Shaikh, M., J. Suresh Kumar, Deuermeier, J., Barquinha, P., Ghosh, S., Fortunato, E., Martins, R. & Jana, S.Nano Lett.11 November 2022
Composites Based on PDMS and Graphite Flakes for Thermoelectric Sensing ApplicationsFigueira, J., Vieira, F., Loureiro, J. A., José A.F.O. Correia, Fortunato, E., Martins, R., & Pereira, L. S.Materials Proceedings24 May 2022
Solution Combustion Synthesis of Hafnium-Doped Indium Oxide Thin Films for Transparent ConductorsFirmino, R., Carlos, E., Pinto, J.V, Deuermeier, J., Martins, R., Fortunato, E., Barquinha, P., Branquinho, R.Nanomaterials23 June 2022
Alkali-Doped Nanopaper Membranes Applied as a Gate Dielectric in FETs and Logic Gates with an Enhanced Dynamic ResponseGaspar, D., Martins, J., Carvalho, J. T., Grey, P., Simões, R., Fortunato, E., Martins, R. & Pereira, L.ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces03 February 2023
Polyaniline And Its Composites Engineering: A Class Of Multifunctional Smart Energy MaterialsGoswami, S., Nandy, S., Fortunato, E., & Martins, R.Journal Of Solid State Chemistry20 January 2023
Photonic-Structured Perovskite Solar Cells: Detailed Optoelectronic AnalysisHaque, S., Alexandre, M., Baretzky, C., Rossi, D., De Rossi, F., Vicente, A. A., Brunetti, F. Águas, H. Ferreira, R.A.S., Fortunato, E., der Maur, M.A., Würfel, U. Martins, R. & Mendes, M. J.ACS Photonics23 June 2022
Stacking-Dependent Electrical Transport in a Colloidal CdSe Nanoplatelet Thin-Film TransistorJana, S., Martins, R., & Fortunato, E.Nano Lett.28 March 2022
Focused Review on Print-Patterned Contact Electrodes for Metal-Oxide Thin-Film TransistorsLiu, F., Gillan, L., Leppäniemi, J., & Alastalo, A.Advanced Materials Interfaces23 January 2023
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering paper-based analytical devicesMarques, A. C., Águas, H., Martins, R., Costa-Silva, B., Sales, M. G., & Fortunato, E.Paper-based Analytical Devices for Chemical Analysis and Diagnostics01 July 2022
Emergent solution based IGZO memristor towards neuromorphic applicationsMartins, R., Carlos, E., Deuermeier, J., Fernando, M., Martins, R., Fortunato, E., & Kiazadeh, A.Journal of Materials Chemistry C.14 February 2022
Microwave Synthesis Of Visible-Light-Activated G-C3n4/Tio2 PhotocatalystsMatias, M. L., Reis, A. S., Rodrigues, J., Calmeiro, T., Deuermeier, J., Pimentel, A., Fortunato, E., Martins, R. Nunes, D.Nanomaterials17 March 2023
Green economy and waste management: An inevitable plan for materials scienceNandy, S., Fortunato, E., & Martins, R.Progress In Natural Science: Materials International10 February 2022
Flexible nanostructured TiO2-based gas and UV sensors: a reviewNunes, D., Fortunato, E., & Martins, R.Discover Materials31 March 2022
Observation of Grain Boundary Passivation and Charge Distribution in Perovskite Films Improved with Anti-solvent TreatmentPanigrahi, S., Calmeiro, T., Mendes, M. J., Águas, H., Fortunato, E., & Martins, R.J. Phys. Chem. C08 November 2022
Tailoring the Interface in High Performance Planar Perovskite Solar Cell by ZnOS Thin FilmPanigrahi, S., Sk, M., Jana, S., Ghosh, S., Deuermeier, J., Martins, R., & Fortunato, E.ACS Appl. Energy Mater.25 April 2022
Fully Solution-Based AgNW/AlOx Nanocomposites for Stable Transparent HeatersPapanastasiou, D. T., Carlos, E., Muñoz-Rojas, D., Jiménez, C., Pimentel, A., Fortunato, E., Martins, R. & Bellet, D.ACS Appl. Electron. Mater.06 December 2022
Flexible Active Crossbar Arrays Using Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor Technology toward Artificial Neural Networks HardwarePereira, M. O., Deuermeier, J., Figueiredo, C., Santos, Â., Guilherme, C., Tavares, V. G., Martins, R., Fortunato, E. & Kiazadeh, AAdvanced Electronic Materials06 September 2022
Visible Photoluminescent Zinc Oxide Nanorods for Label-Free Nonenzymatic Glucose DetectionMorais, M., Marques, A. C., Ferreira, S., Pinheiro, T., Pimentel, A., Macedo, P., Fortunato, E.ACS Appl. Nano Mater.02 March 2022
Water Peel-Off Transfer of Electronically Enhanced, Paper-Based Laser-Induced Graphene for Wearable ElectronicsPinheiro, T., Correia, R., Morais, M., Coelho, J., Fortunato, E., Sales, M. G. F.,Marques, A. C. & Martins, R.ACS Nano16 November 2022
Physical parameters based analytical I-V model of long and short channel a-IGZO TFTsSharma, A., Pydi Ganga Bahubalindruni, Manisha Bharti, & Barquinha, P.Solid-State Electronics10 June 2022
UV-cured self-healing gel polymer electrolyte toward safer room temperature lithium metal batteriesSiccardi, S., Amici, J., Colombi, S., Carvalho, J. T., Versaci, D., Quartarone, E., Pereira, L., Bella, F. Francia, C. & Bodoardo, S.Electrochimica Acta20 November 2022
Cork derived laser-induced graphene for sustainable green electronicsSilvestre, S., Pinheiro, T., Marques, A. C., Deuermeier, J., Coelho, J., Martins, R. & Fortunato, E.Flexible and Printed Electronics15 September 2022
Carbon-Yarn-Based Supercapacitors with In Situ Regenerated Cellulose Hydrogel for Sustainable Wearable ElectronicsCarvalho, J. T., Cunha, I., Coelho, J., Fortunato, E., Martins, R., & Pereira, L.ACS Appl. Energy Mater.12 October 2022