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Virtual Training Courses

High-Resolution Printing for Active Components on Flexible Foils

The Virtual Training Course ‘High-Resolution Printing for Active Components on Flexible Foils’ will be held on April 26th 2022 from 11:00 – 12:30 CET.
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Can we be scientists without the rules? Few words about practical, socio-economical, and ethical implications of good scientific practice

Showing different aspects of good scientific practice. Examples of how the rules of good scientific practice may improve my work. There is nothing like “wrong” data. Basic relationship between ethics and good scientific practice. Establishing the culture for discussion of errors.
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Integrated energy conversion/storage devices: towards planar architectures and emerging concepts

Demonstrate how solar cells and electrochemical energy storage units can be merged. This will contribute to the development of portable electronics and in-house stations
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Towards Next Generation Powering Solutions

Understand the limitations of conventional battery chemistries, especially related to materials sufficiency and sustainability; Learn about novel battery materials, which can help to increase the battery lifetime and/or enable utilizing renewable raw material sources; Understand which functionalities are needed, and possible to integrate, in next generation batteries; The principles of lithium ion battery manufacturing in lab scale and industrial scale; To understand the main electrochemical characterization methods used for lithium ion batteries.
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Publishing in high-IF journals: tips and common mistakes

General overview of a manuscript sections and their role. Information about strategic items to be placed in a manuscript submitted to top journals. Tips and recommendations for manuscripts writing. Correlation between bibliometric data and published articles.
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Horizon Europe – Opportunities for Researchers

General overview of the Horizon Europe programme (goals, timeline, budget, programme structure). Information about general eligibility conditions. Tips and recommendations for proposal writing and opportunities’ screening
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