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The Virtual Training Course “Towards Next Generation Powering Solutions” will be held on the 27th of October 2021. The event is divided into two sessions: 1st session by Dr Marja at 11am on Novel battery materials and functionalities and 2nd session by Dr Olli at 12:00 on Cell Assembly and Electrochemical Characterization.

For more info about the event and registration check it below.

TitleNovel battery materials and functionalities
DateOctober 27th 2021
Time11:00 – 12:00 (CET)
Duration (h)60min
AimGive examples on the current research on novel battery materials and their functionalities, focusing on sustainability.
ImpactEngaging and motivating more people and students to work and study in the growing battery field. Showing the need and potential for novel batteries.
Learning outcomes/ Skills / knowledge to be acquired during the course – Understand the limitations of conventional battery chemistries,
especially related to materials sufficiency and sustainability.
– Learn about novel battery materials, which can help to increase the battery lifetime and/or enable utilizing renewable raw material sources.
– Understand which functionalities are needed, and possible to integrate, in next generation batteries.
Target Audience Master’s students, PhD students and researchers with interest in sustainable battery materials, manufacturing and research.
Participation requirementsGeneral interest in sustainable energy technologies

Trainer/Presenter (short biography)

Marja Vilkman, Technical Research Centre of Finland 
Marja Vilkman is a senior scientist and project manager at VTT, and she holds a title of docent/adjunct professor at Aalto University in the Printed Electronics field. Her research focuses on novel materials and processing methods for energy applications, both energy harvesting and storage. Currently, she is coordinating a H2020/Battery 2030+ project HIDDEN, which is focusing on self-healing Li-metal batteries. She is also a coordinator for the H2020 project OLEDSOLAR, focusing on novel manufacturing and quality control methods for optoelectronic applications.

Download presentation: 211027_SynergyWebinar_VTT_Vilkman

Second Session

TitleCell Assembly and Electrochemical Characterization
DateOctober 27th 2021
Time12:00 – 12:30 (CET)
Duration (h)30min
AimPresent the common characterization and cell assembly techniques.
ImpactEnable the students and researchers to build and characterize battery cells at the level that is required for e.g. publications.
Learning outcomes/ Skills / knowledge to be acquired during the course – The principles of lithium ion battery manufacturing in lab scale and industrial scale.
– To understand the main electrochemical characterization methods used for lithium ion batteries.
Target Audience Master’s students and PhD students with interest in battery manufacturing and research.
Participation requirementsFundamentals of electrochemistry

Trainer/Presenter (short biography)

Olli Sorsa, Technical Research Centre of Finland 
Olli Sorsa is a research scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. He accomplished his PhD in Aalto University, Finland in polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolyzers and hydrogen fuel cells in 2020. During his research career he has worked with several electrochemical energy conversion systems in addition to his PhD topic, including direct alcohol fuel cells, lithium ion batteries, supercapacitors and electrochemical reduction of CO2. His competence is focused on the electrochemical characterization of novel materials in these systems. Currently, he is working with more sustainable materials solutions for batteries.

Download presentation: 211027_SynergyWebinar_VTT_Olli Sorsa