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TitleIntegrated energy conversion/storage devices: towards planar architectures and emerging concepts
DateDecember 14th 2021
Time15:00 (CET)
Duration (h)60min
AimShowing how solar cells and electrochemical energy storage units can be merged.
ImpactDevelopment of portable electronics and in-house energy stations.
Learning outcomes/ Skills / knowledge to be acquired during the course• Materials design for conversion/storage
• Integration strategies
• Figures of merit
• Prototypes
Target Audience PhD and PostDoc researchers
Participation requirementsThere are no specific participation requirements.

Trainer/Presenter (short biography)

Federico Bella
Federico Bella was born in Torino in 1987. He is Associate Professor of Principles of Chemistry for Applied Technologies at Politecnico di Torino. He works in the Electrochemistry Group, leading the research activities on hybrid photovoltaics and post-lithium batteries. He has received the “Environment, Sustainability & Energy Division Early Career Award” from the Royal Society of Chemistry. He is author of 90 publications in international peer-reviewed journal (h-index 60) and is member of the Editorial Board of Chemical Engineering Journal, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering and ChemSusChem. Since 2021, he leads the ERC Starting Grant “SuN2rise” on sun-powered electrochemical nitrogen reduction.

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