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Project Consortium

The project Consortium is composed by 7 partners:

SYNERGY Project Consortium

Members of the Project Consortium

UNINOVA will manage all the activities under the coordination of Professor Rodrigo Martins that has a strong experience in coordinating projects and networks, together with Professor Elvira Fortunato, with strong experience in dealing with European matters (EC Scientific Advice Mechanism) as well at University level (vice-rector of Universidade Nova de Lisboa).

Professor Rodrigo Martins already coordinated 15 International projects and 19 national projects, besides holding 43 patents, together with Professor Elvira Fortunato. He coordinated the first project of semiconductor oxides (Multiflexioxides), considered by the EU as one of the 10 outstanding projects within FP6, as well as the past project BET-EU that was a success story. Moreover, among other prestigious positions, he is the current president of the European Academy of Science and the current first vice president of the International Union of Materials Research Societies, IUMRS. This puts him in an excellent position to access key members of the academy, science promoters and other relevant stakeholders for SYNERGY.

Professor Elvira Fortunato is the recipient of an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council, in the first edition (Invisible), and received a second one (DIGISMART), which started in January 2019. Most recently, in September 2020, she received the Horizon Impact Award 2020 from the European Commission, as a recognition of her work and consequent value for society. Additionally, Professor Elvira Fortunato has experience in coordinating several European and National projects, such as the gender equality project SPEAR (Supporting and Implementing Plans for Gender Equality in Academia and Research), of great relevance for gender equality issues that matter the University.

In September 2020 it won the Horizon Impact Award 2020 from the European Commission.

The consortium is constituted by six other partners. These include the twinning partners: FhG-IKTS (materials science and nano-anaytics; VTT (process upscaling), POLITO (electrochemical storage systems) and Tyndall (energy scavenging, batteries and photovoltaic technology). In addition, SPI from Portugal, is responsible for dissemination and the support to the implementation of training activities.

The coordinator is assisted by the project committee, the higher and final decision body of SYNERGY. It is composed of one representative from each of the partner institutions. In addition, the consortium is supported by an external advisory board, representing 28 institutions and companies that support SYNERGY (15 from Portugal and 13 from other European countries) representing different scientific areas and industrial sectors, comprehensively covering the scientific and technical scope of SYNERGY.