President of the Republic awards the Pessoa Prize to Elvira Fortunato

Despite a restricted ceremony due to Covid-19, Elvira Fortunato was awarded with the Pessoa Prize, recognized as the most important award in the area of Portuguese culture, by the President of the Republic. The award was then dedicated to “science and scientists, particularly those who share the same concerns and aspire to always do more and better”.

The full article and award speech can be accessed here.

Professor Elvira Fortunato for CARAS Magazine

CARAS Magazine interviewed Professor Elvira Fortunato in a special on sustainability. As one of the most recognised scientists in the world, Elvira Fortunato explains the importance of Science for Sustainability, stating “Awareness about sustainability has to be daily. Science is very important for us to come up with alternative and sustainable solutions.”

The full interview can be found here.

Rodrigo Martins in an interview for Expresso newspaper | Interview of opinion and vision about the future regarding the world microchip shortage

Last March 15th, Professor Doctor Rodrigo Martins gave an interview to Expresso with his opinion and vision about the future regarding the world shortage of microchips. “In the future we will try to mimic nature. If we want to be sustainable and not destroy the planet, we have to do it without taking comfort from people”, explains Rodrigo Martins, professor and researcher at the Materials Science Department of NOVA School of Science and Technology | FCT NOVA and director of CEMOP. Read the full interview here.

Exame Informática Magazine | New flexible photovoltaic panels

In this program, Exame Informática got to know the new flexible and efficient photovoltaic panels developed at CENIMAT|i3N.

We talked about CENIMAT|i3N’s activity in the field of Solar Cells, an area coordinated by Professor Rodrigo Martins and which has Professors Manuel Mendes and Hugo Águas as its main protagonists.

Link for the full article here.

Professor Elvira Fortunato is the new representative of the Portuguese State in the Council of the International Laboratory of Nanotechnology (INL), based in Braga, Portugal.

According to Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, Elvira Fortunato and Madalena Alves are the new representatives of the Portuguese State in the Council of the International Laboratory of Nanotechnology (INL). The Professors are replacing José Fernando Mendes and António Cunha, the latter recently elected president of the Northern Regional Coordination and Development Commission. The replacement takes place after more than eight years since the appointment of António Cunha and José Fernando Mendes to the Council of INL.

Elvira Fortunato and Madalena Alves are full professors at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Universidade do Minho, respectively. Original article available here.

Rodrigo Martins elected President of the International Union of Materials Research Society

Rodrigo Martins, Professor and researcher in the Department of Materials Science, is the new President of IUMRS – International Union Materials Research Society, for the 2021-2022 biennium.

The professor becomes the first European and the first Portuguese to assume this position, after the change of the administration of the Society from the United States of America to Singapore. This society includes more than two hundred thousand members from 14 regional organisations in the field of Materials, such as China, Europe, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, India, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Africa, Russia.

Professor Elvira Fortunato was invited by Portuguese Sapo24 Magazine to reflect on what happened in 2020, in a Special “Almanaque da Felicidade”.

SYNERGY co-coordinator, Professor Elvira Fortunato, was invited to talk about what happened in 2020 and how she sees it. Prof. Fortunato highlighted some people who, for some reason and despite the difficult context of the pandemic, had reasons to succeed and be happy in 2020. In her own case, having own the Impact 2020 Horizon Award from the European Commission for the creation of the first transparent screen with eco-sustainable materials, and the “Estreito de Magalhães” Award are enough reasons to celebrate. Read full article here.

Professor Elvira Fortunato in an interview for Valor Magazine “Windows were opened for a more sustainable future!”

Professor Elvira Fortunato, vice-rector of Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Director of CENIMAT – Centre for Materials Research and Professor in the Department of Materials Science, FCT, UNL gave an interview for Valor Magazine on how society, more than ever, requires us to think about a safer, healthier and more sustainable way of life, without global resource limitations, but always thinking about environmental preservation. Any type of sustainable development must be built based on the development of sustainable materials and technologies. Materials, more than being part of our ecosystem, are within us! Full article here.