Prof. Elvira Fortunato: “The Protagonist of the Technological Revolution”

Elvira Fortunato, vice-rector of Universidade Nova de Lisboa and scientific advisor to the European Commission, is one of the most prestigious engineers in Portugal and abroad. Her work Invisible, in the area of transparent electronics, earned her the Horizon Impact Award this year.

But the challenges in the design and manufacture of new transistors and other electronic components do not end here. Many of its innovations include paper electronics and nanomaterials. And the results are in sight. In addition to a vast number of patents, Elvira Fortunato has worked in partnership with large national and multinational companies, such as Samsung, Merck, Hovione and Navigator.

A conversation not to be missed. Watch the full interview here.

“4Leaders – Do Great Things” – Interview by Elvira Fortunato for Jornal Observador

What can help us in the future is available to anyone and whoever says it, is one of today´s most important scientist. For Elvira Fortunato, cooperation and sharing are essential.

Professor Elvira Fortunato participated in the 4th interview of the 5 Great Things Talk series entitled: “4Leaders – Do Great Things”. The series highlights the achievements of 5 Portuguese leaders. According to Professor Elvira Fortunato, one of the most awarded national scientists ever, cooperation and sharing are critical to succeed and, therefore, those are the words she chooses to face the future.

Access to the article here.