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Synergy in Detail


Management, Knowledge Consolidation and Exploitation


Management activities aim to ensure optimal coordination and project management, supervision of project tasks for the achievement of the project goal, and definition of quality standards for the success of the project. It also aims to provide partners with appropriate tools and procedures for efficient internal and external communication.

Sustainability of the Portuguese scientific and innovation strategy in Energy Harvesting and management for flexible electronics

Leader: CNMT/I3N

The activities will further define UNINOVA’s and I3N (PT cluster) R&I strategy based on partners’ inputs, ensure the sustainability of SYNERGY by generating other initiatives, and create new funding opportunities for research and innovation activities and infrastructures in the PT cluster. This also aims to define a manufacturing strategy for the flexible electronics, including the textile and paper electronics.

Boosting research and innovation capabilities of Young Researchers at Portuguese Cluster


The activities are expected to contribute to the exchange of knowledge between researchers of the PT cluster and the other international partner organisations. Through the one-to-one interactions, which include early-stage researcher exchanges, expert visits, virtual training courses, practical trainings and mentorships for R&D&I activities, early-stage researchers will be able to absorb knowledge directly from the experts in the areas of materials functionalization, nanocharacterisation and modelling. Planned tasks include: (1) the organisation of short-term staff exchanges; (2) expert visits; (3) virtual short training courses; (4) practical trainings sessions; (5) young researchers networking.

Networking for Knowledge Exchange

Leader: CNMT/I3N

The activities aim to foster the exchange of know-how and experience through the organisation of workshops, an international conference, summer schools and open days to non-SYNERGY members, including students, experts, start-ups and established companies.

Spreading scientific excellence

Leader: SPI

The activities aim at enhancing UNINOVA and i3N´s visibility towards national and international stakeholders that can benefit from the scientific developments of the Portuguese research institutions and, at the same time, contribute to improving their scientific and innovation capacity, in particular in the Energy Harvesting field and management on foils for applications on autonomous self-energy sustainable smart platforms.