Elvira Fortunato @ TVI programme Autores

Professor Elvira Fortunato was a guest on the TVI programme Authors with Carlos Mendes. In a partnership with SPA, this weekly tv show highlights consolidated careers, new talents and revelations of our artistic panorama.

Watch the full interview here.

Towards Next Generation Powering Solutions

Understand the limitations of conventional battery chemistries,
especially related to materials sufficiency and sustainability;
Learn about novel battery materials, which can help to increase the battery lifetime and/or enable utilizing renewable raw material sources;
Understand which functionalities are needed, and possible to integrate, in next generation batteries;
The principles of lithium ion battery manufacturing in lab scale and industrial scale;
To understand the main electrochemical characterization methods used for lithium ion batteries.

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Elvira Fortunato at Sociedade Civil

In 2020, over 1100 applications were made to register new inventions, ranging from things necessary for our daily lives to inventions for industry. You can hear some of the inventions named on the RTP2 programme ‘Sociedade Civil’ in an interview given by Professor Elvira Fortunato, Vice Rector of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and coordinator of SYNERGY project and by Professor Rogério Colaço, President of the Instituto Superior Técnico.

Full article can be found here.